How to Order Quality Food in Indian Trains

Traveling in Indian Railways is the most preferred mode for over 67% of the Indian population. People tend to travel for various reasons which might include traveling on business, adventure, family excursion, wedding trips, vacations, wedding trips, just for fun etc. 30% of the people who prefer traveling through Indian Railways are now opting to book their journey via IRCTC to get food in train or food on train seat. This accounts for a major revenue share being carried out online. The digital know-how has no doubt increased past the demonetization move from the Indian government. People traveling in train usually carry their journey food along with them. But, when it comes to journey’s which exceed for more than 12 hrs. food becomes a major concerns and there seems to be no way out to get food in train.
E-Catering is all about meeting the food requirement needs for people traveling in train. Now, travellers can order food in train on the go via multiple modes. Here are some easy ways to order food in Indian Railways:

• IRCTC E-Catering: Travelers can order food in train from IRCTC catering portal. All they need to do is to enter their PNR info, which auto fetches the passengers route and enlists the restaurant options one can order food from IRCTC. IRCTC also offers 5% discount on online payments. Once can easily order food in train via e-catering website. The best part is that one can order food as per their preference and also track their orders easily.
• Food On Track: One can order full four course meal while traveling in train via IRCTC food ordering app as “Food On Track”. One can download it from Google Play store and order food in train on the go.
• On Call: One can also order food in train via phone call at 1323. The order minimum lead time is around 60
• Trusted IRCTC E-Catering Partner Website: IRCTC has partnered with major e-catering service providers which supply food in train. The best way to order food through such e-catering partners is to order either via IRCTC E-Catering website or through the individual website like Food On Click.
• Food On Click App: One can also order food in train via Food On Click App. The best part is that travellers can order food in train even when you don’t have internet access. Food On Click App is available for Android . It also offers an easy UI for faster ordering process.

food in train • Food On Click Phone Ordering: One can also place their orders with Food On Click on call at 9422881851
With so many options available to book food in train, one can easily order food for oneself or for group who are traveling in train. Here are few things to take care while order food in Indian Railways:
• Order Lead Time: The minimum delivery lead time ranges from 45-60 Mins. One needs to place their order at least one hour before the delivery station. This includes the processing time on the vendors end.
• Online Payments: Online pre-paid orders come with added perks such as discounts which can be availed on Food On Click. One can get upto 10% off on food orders in train.
• Food Ordering Coupons: While placing food orders in train with trusted e-catering partners; never forget to look for food ordering coupons available on multiple websites.
• Service Reviews: One should also check for the reviews for the service providers over Google My Business before placing food order in train.
One must try ordering food in train through e-catering service providers as they help you getting food delivered at your seat without any extra charges

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